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Sunday, February 24, 2013

MORE Nail Mail! :D

Hey again lovies! I have even MORE Nail Mail to show you! These came the other day and I love them sooo much!

The only reason I haven't posted until now, is because these literally came on the same day that all the crazy crap was happening with my iPod LOL, so now I'm finally getting caught up posting it all! :)

So I ordered these last weekend. I had been in the market for some nice quality, affordable nail art brushes for awhile now (all my previous nail art had been done the ghetto-fabulous way with make-up brushes, bobby pins, cuticle sticks, pins, whatever I could find LOL) so I was very excited to find out about these.
Quite a few other nail bloggers have blogged about this particular set recommending it, and all of the reviews on it on Amazon were great, and the price was a steeaaal so I bought it! :)

(I just wanna say right now, I'm not at all endorsed by this company, or amazon, I wasn't paid for this review at all, I'm just a very happy customer!! :D)

This is the MASH 15 piece nail art brush kit, it's soo amazing!! You get 15 brushes which includes 2 different sized fan brushes, a dotting tool, an angled brush (there's an important disclaimer on the sales page that is bent because its angled, it is NOT broken), plus all different sized striping brushes, etc. All the brushes come packaged with protective plastic caps so they won't be damaged, and best of all, it comes in this super nice black fold-up case!
All the brushes are very good quality, something that I really love about them is that not only do they vary in sizes, but also in softness. Which is really great because for certain designs its better to have a soft brush, while for others its better to have a firmer brush. I really loved that, I love them so much, I've only used them about three times now but I'm already in love!! xD

I got this for $10.99 plus $5.00 shipping, so it was only about $17 with tax! Such a great deal, and I definitely recommend this if you are in the market for some good quality, affordable brushes. This is the link to the page I bought it from:

As I said, I wasn't endorsed by anyone or paid for this review, I'm just a very satisfied customer, and I definitely recommend this to my fellow nail polish addicts! :)

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