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Monday, February 11, 2013

Flip/Flop February Day 11: Splatter/Cocktail

Hi Lovies! Today is Day 11 of Flip/Flop February!

Today's Flip/Flop is Splatter/Cocktail.
I decided to go with the Flip since I've been wanting to try out Splatter for awhile now.

I went with the straw splatter technique, which is where you get a little bit of polish on the end of a straw, then blow on the other end to splatter the paint across your nail.
And yes, it's just as messy as it sounds.

By some miracle, I was able to keep my clothes and workspace clean. I used a paper plate, and just silently prayed that it would all stay on there, which it did. Phew!
But still, it was a messy explosion of FAIL. LOL.

I think maybe I needed to use a smaller straw? I just used a regular sized drinking straw, but it was really difficult to get all the polish into the end, I had to keep dipping and felt like I was wasting a lot.
I've heard of people using thin straws or coffee stirrers, that's probably what I should've done LOL. Oh well. :p

I honestly couldn't even tell you what colors I used, because I just kept grabbing random colors in a desperate attempt to make it look presentable. Which I failed horribly at lol.
But I can tell you my base colors,
the white is Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
and the black is N.Y.C. - Black Lace Creme.

So that's my failure of the day. Its terrible and I'm sorry.
I promise tomorrow's is better! :p

And as always, go check out all the other manis!! :)

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