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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Swatch Time!: Kleancolor Metallic Collection!

Hello lovelies!

So I'm really excited about what I have for you guys today, it's a really fun (super pic-heavy!) post!
Today I'm going to be swatching a whole collection! This is only my third full collection I've swatched, so I'm excited! 

This took me four hours to shoot, about two & a half hours to edit, and a full netflix-streamed season of Ink Master to get done. It was so fun! & No, that isn't sarcasm. it was sooo fun, and made me realize how much I've missed this work. :) 

So, let's get down to business!

This is the Kleancolor Metallics Collection!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Mermaid Mani!

Hey lovelies!

Today I'm going to be showing you a mani I did a few weeks ago, But I thought I'd make a little post to show the process of how I did it. :)

It's Mermaid Mani Time!! 

So, I loved these nails. A lot. I kind of wish my fishtail pattern had turned out a teensy bit better but... Well, you know what they say. Flippin' your fins, ya don't get too far...
I digress. :p

First step to all nail art for me, my pretties!

 My M.A.S.H. Nail Art Brush Set!

Then I painted a nice simple, white base coat.
I used Konad's White Stamping Polish.
(on my DIY acrylics, because sadly my natural nails do not look this pretty right now.)

Then I went for the gradient & accent nail...

Lookit that mess! Aah, gradients. They give a whole new meaning to "finger painting" LOL.
For the gradient, I did the handy-dandy make-up sponge technique, 
& I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Celeb City
Sally Hansen Color Foil - Minted Metal,
& I Love Nail Polish - Washing Ashore
For the accent nail I used Zoya PixieDust- Dahlia

Now for that Mermaid fin...
For the final steps, I used Konad's Black Stamping Polish and my trusty ol' striping brush, and attempted a freehand fishtail pattern. I could do better, but I also could(and have...) done much much worse, so overall I was happy with it.
I topped it off with 2-coats of Zoya - Opal (3 over Dahlia on the accent nail) and Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Top Coat.

& there we have my Mermaid Mani!

My question of the day for you guys today is: What's your favorite mythical creature?

For me, it will always be mermaids. It started when I was three and busted my VHS tape rewinding and watching The Little Mermaid over and over (and over...) again, and continued all the way into adulthood when I discovered that they totally make mermaid tales and give you lessons on how use your core to swim like a mermaid and you can get paid to be a mermaid, and OMG guys I gotta go the ocean is calling me...
Seriously though. If and when scientists discover a way for us to breathe underwater, I am so peacin' outta society and heading for the Pacific. I need to be part of that world... :p

So do you guys have any mythical creatures you're obsessed with like me? Let me know in the comments!

& as always, have a great day, and I will see you next time my lovelies!!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Coffee, Tattoos, and MacBooks, OH MY!

Hello my lovelies!

So today I thought I'd do a little catch-up post for you all.

First thing I want to share, back in September I decided to end my summer with a bang,
I got my first tattoo! :D

So, I have a lot of tattoos planned. Like, A LOT a lot. The only thing that worried me was the pain, But I have a pretty high pain threshold and it actually barely hurt at all. Which just reinforced all my plans for the rest of my tatts. :p 
For my first tatt, I decided that I would get a simple one to start me off. 
I'm actually gonna sound super cliche girl here but... I got this idea from Pinterest. LOL. Don't you judge me. I saw it on a few tattoo boards and fell in love. 

So what is it? 
A simple, black cross on the back of my neck. :)
& it came out like*drumroll please*...

 This! :)

& here's a pic to better show the size and placement...

I love it. Like, super-duper completely if I could marry a tattoo on my own skin I would marry this, love it. 
& I so cannot wait for my next one! ;) 

Next, I just wanted to share this because it is the new love of my life. 
I love coffee. I love tea. I love pretty things that I can drink coffee and tea out of. & I love mermaids.
I have found something that combines all of those things.

This is from the 2014 Siren Collection at Starbucks
Need I say more? Nope. I think this prettiness speaks for itself. 

Mooovin' on...

Another pretty big development, I finally made up my mind on a computer! 
I got myself a pretty little 13" refurbished MacBook. 
(& as you can see front the pic above, a ton of pretty accessories... whoops. I like to personalize, so sue me. Don't worry, all were totes affordable as I am a mean deal-hunter, especially when I have Amazon... :p)

So pretty! This is def my new baby. I am typing on it as we speak. 

And yes, of course it's zebra-stripes! ;)

That's all for now! 
My question of the day for you guys: Do you have/want any tattoos? If so, what and where? 
Sound off in the comments! :)

Have a great day, lovelies. See you next time!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gem Experimenting!

Hey lovelies!!

So I recently got a few gem wheels on Amazon, and I've been playing around with them & have a couple manis to show you! :)

So, keep in mind that neither of these are perfect, considering that A: my nail skills are a tad bit rusty and B: I've had a head cold and was hopped up on cold medicine when I did both of these LOL. Also C: These are shoddy iPhone camera pics, sorry. I'll be getting back into using my camera soon, I promise!

So here we go! :)

First Mani:
 I did a base coat of Sally Hansen Color Foil - Minted Metal (Which, btdubs, I am in looove with. but more on that in another upcoming post. ;) ) And a top coat of Zoya - Opal
Then I topped it off with some Sally Hansen - Diamond Shine and used the cute little silver triangle gems. I was going for sort of a mermaid-y type look. :)

Second Mani:

This one I'm very excited about. Mainly because that gorgeous pink is one of my lemmings that I finally found thanks to my awesome cousin hunting down a link for me. This is Zoya - Lolly (Which I will definitely be swatting on it's on for you soon, no worries.) with Zoya - Domiva on the accent nails. I realized that I couldn't get the little silver heart gems to stick with my matte top coat, (it dried too fast and would't stay tacky long enough for me to place them) So I ended up having to shine-ify it with the Diaomd Shine.
Which, I'm ok with. This mani didn't turn out perfectly how I saw it in my head, but I was still pretty in love with it and have had it on for almost  week now.

So there's my Adventures in Gems so far! I have a bunch more ideas, so stay tuned for that.

Have you guys ever tried gems? Let me know what you think in the comments! Personally, anything that I get to bedazzle is A-OK in my book. ;)

Seeya next time lovelies! :)

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Guess Who's Back...Back Again... ;D

Katie's back! (back..back...) Tell a friend! (friend..friend...) 
Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back...

Sorry. I couldn't help myself there. ;D

If I haven't already lost you because you clicked away from that little abomination, let me just say,
Hello my lovelies!! Yes, I am back!

You may have noticed my absence, or (more likely) completely forgotten about my existence since I went full-on MIA. & I don't blame you, considering I haven't posted in *gasp* over a year!

So, for those of you who haven't abandoned ship (thank you, for that.) I'll give you a quick run-down of why.
Long story short, for the past year I'd been working a job where I was not allowed to wear polish of any kind. I was working as a barista for a *cough* certain non-specific coffee-chain *coughcough*, where I was handling/prepping food and beverages all day everyday, and as such it was a health-code violation to have anything on my nails. I had to stick to having my nails done purely on my off-time, which, let's leave it at this, was not often. At all.
So, needless to say my passion for nail art (and my poor nails themselves, ugh my cuticles!) and this blog, took quite the beating.

BUT! Fear not, I am back! I've recently gotten a new job, one where I am allowed to adorn my finger-jewels as much as my geeky little heart desires, and I am so itching to get back to it!

I already have two posts up and ready to go for you guys, so get excited! I know I am! :)

Also, as a side-note little update, I have a feeling this blog will be getting a makeover soon... I've recently upgraded from mobile-blogging to a MacBook so, I think I'll be redesigning some things around this joint soon... More on that to come. Stay tuned. ;)

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