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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flip/Flop February Day 27: Recreate Someone Else's!

Hi guys! It's Day 27 of Flip/Flop February! Tomorrow's the last day! I can't believe February went by so quick. This year is already flying by and I still keep saying 2012 LOL.

So today's theme is really fun, you get to recreate someone else's mani! And let tell you, it was soo hard to choose which one to do! All the girls in this challenge have been so creative, it was really difficult to settle on which one inspired me the most.
But, I finally settled on recreating the mani that Corrine from Galactic Lacquer did for her Rainbow day!

Here's the link to her original post:

She did this goooorgeous mani with a blue backdrop, and rainbow dotting all the way down. I love it! :)

So here's my attempt to recreate it! (Hers is soooo much better!! Lol:) )

For this mani I used a base color of Essie - Lapiz of Luxury
And then for the rainbow dots, I used:
N.Y.C. - Big Apple Red
Wet'N'Wild Shine - Sunny Side Up
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Mellow Yellow
Ulta - In The Lime-Light
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - The Real Teal
Wet'N'Wild Fast Dry - Buffy The Violet Slayer
Then I sealed with one coat of Seche Vite top-coat.

Don't forget to check back in tomorrow for our final day! And as always, go check out all the other bloggers manis! :)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flip/Flop February Day 26: Favorite Polish!

Hi lovies! It's time for Day 26 of Flip/Flop February, only three days left!

So, today's Flip/Flop was A Theme You Missed/Favorite Polish, and amazingly, I actually didn't miss any themes on this one! :) I was kind of all over the please and late alot (sorry again about that lol) but I always caught up, so I didn't miss any! :)

So, obviously I went with favorite polish. This one was a no-brainer! :)

My favorite polish of my whole collection has definitely got to be "Not Like The Movies" from the OPI Katy Perry Collection.

This polish. Is so. COOL!
It's a duo-chrome shimmer, and it changes to soo many different hues!
There are actually some that I wasn't able to capture on camera. In addition to the ones you see, it can also turn this really light silver shade, then in the right light can look close to aqua. Then the green, the yellow-ish brown, dark brown, dark purple, and light purple. It's amazing.
I remember when I first bought it, I was texting the pictures to my sister and she was like "that's the same polish?! NO WAY." It's amazing. If you didn't see it change right in front of you, you wouldn't believe it would be the same polish, but it is! :)

I like how in some of the pictures, you can actually see the color change on some of the nails. Notice on the purple how it's shifting on my index finger to the lighter purple, and how on the yellow it's shifting to the silver on the bottom of my middle and ring fingers.

I love this polish so much, it's my absolute favorite that I've ever owned. It's so distracting when I wear it, especially if I'm out in the sun LOL. I just stare at my nails in a trance. :P

So that's my favorite polish in my collection! What's yours? Let me know in the comments, and leave links if you have pictures! I'd love to see! :)

And of course, don't forget to see what all the other bloggers favorites are! :)

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

MORE Nail Mail! :D

Hey again lovies! I have even MORE Nail Mail to show you! These came the other day and I love them sooo much!

The only reason I haven't posted until now, is because these literally came on the same day that all the crazy crap was happening with my iPod LOL, so now I'm finally getting caught up posting it all! :)

So I ordered these last weekend. I had been in the market for some nice quality, affordable nail art brushes for awhile now (all my previous nail art had been done the ghetto-fabulous way with make-up brushes, bobby pins, cuticle sticks, pins, whatever I could find LOL) so I was very excited to find out about these.
Quite a few other nail bloggers have blogged about this particular set recommending it, and all of the reviews on it on Amazon were great, and the price was a steeaaal so I bought it! :)

(I just wanna say right now, I'm not at all endorsed by this company, or amazon, I wasn't paid for this review at all, I'm just a very happy customer!! :D)

This is the MASH 15 piece nail art brush kit, it's soo amazing!! You get 15 brushes which includes 2 different sized fan brushes, a dotting tool, an angled brush (there's an important disclaimer on the sales page that is bent because its angled, it is NOT broken), plus all different sized striping brushes, etc. All the brushes come packaged with protective plastic caps so they won't be damaged, and best of all, it comes in this super nice black fold-up case!
All the brushes are very good quality, something that I really love about them is that not only do they vary in sizes, but also in softness. Which is really great because for certain designs its better to have a soft brush, while for others its better to have a firmer brush. I really loved that, I love them so much, I've only used them about three times now but I'm already in love!! xD

I got this for $10.99 plus $5.00 shipping, so it was only about $17 with tax! Such a great deal, and I definitely recommend this if you are in the market for some good quality, affordable brushes. This is the link to the page I bought it from:

As I said, I wasn't endorsed by anyone or paid for this review, I'm just a very satisfied customer, and I definitely recommend this to my fellow nail polish addicts! :)

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Nail Mail!! :D

Hi lovies! So I got some fun nail mail the other day! This was a late Christmas present from my cousin Sarah!

She gave me 7 polishes! Plus some other fun stuff! So sweet of her, an I love it all! :) <3

So first we'll start off with the Nail Polishes, she gave me (L to R in the photo):
Zoya - Storm
Pure Ice - Cheatin'
Spoiled - My Saturn Broke Down
Rimmel 60 Second Dry - Climax
Color Club - Wild Cactus
Pixel - Pixel Dust
And a mini Seche Vite top-coat, which as you know is my newfound love!! <3 :)

She also sent my this suuuuper pretty Wet'N'Wild "Drinking A Glass of Shine" eyeshadow pallette, which I looove! It's definitely the exact kind of colors I wear! :)
Plus this pretty sparkly gold nail file, and some chocolate covered coffee beans (YUM) in an adorable little gingerbread men bag! (As you can probably tell, I already ate a bunch! So yummmyy! :D)

So thank you sooo much Sarah! I love it all!! Love you! <3

You can check out Sarah's blog here!:

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Flip/Flop February Day 24: Tissue Paper/Rainbow

Hi lovies! It's time for Day 24 of Flip/Flop February! We're really nearing the end here now! :)

Today's Flip/Flop was Tissue Paper/Rainbow, and surprisingly, I actually didn't choose rainbow! :p
I've been wanting to try the tissue paper technique for awhile now, so I gave it a shot!

The way I did it was, I cut out small pieces of the tissue paper with the design I liked, then put a coat of clear polish (I used Seche Vite top-coat) on and stuck the tissue paper to it. I smoothed it out and held it for a few seconds until it stuck. Then I used a cuticle stick and a file to get off the excess paper, then sealed it with another coat of clear polish. :)

Make sure to check out the other bloggers manis as well! :)

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Flip/Flop February Day 23: Lightning/Bows

Hello lovies! Time for Day 23 of Flip/Flop February! :)

So our Flip/Flop for this day was Lightning/Bows, and I went with lightning!

For the base I used Zoya - Storm, which I think works awesome because its basically a storm in a bottle! :p
Then for the lightning bolts I used Sinful Colors - Snow Me White.

Don't forget to check out the other bloggers manis! :)

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Flip/Flop February Day 22: Plaid/Mustache!

Hello Lovelies! I'm all caught up on this Challenge, and now it's time for Day 22! :)

Today's Flip/Flop was Plaid/Mustache and... I did both! I did plaid with a mustache accent nail!

For the plaid I used:
Sephora by OPI - What Aura Gonna Wear?, I'm Wired, and Read My Palm.
For the mustache I used: Zoya - Storm (because why not have a sparkly mustache?! If I could grow one I'd totally cover it in glitter all the time. :D)
Then I sealed with Seche Vite top-coat. :)

Make sure to check out all the other bloggers manis! :)

Flip/Flop February Day 21: Flames/Dots

Hello lovies! It's time for Day 21 of the Flip/Flop February Challenge!

This days Flip/Flop was Flames/Dots.
I went with dots because I've been wanting to try the interlocking dots design for awhile now. :)

This was soo fun, the only thing I have to say is, I wish that my camera would've picked up the green color right! This is definitely NOT color accurate to that polish, it is for the pink but for some reason my camera decided to make my life difficult and not pick up the green correctly at all. It's such a pretty green too. Grrrr.

Anyways, for this mani I used:
Sephora by OPI - What Aura Gonna Wear?
Color Club - Wild Cactus
And then I sealed with a coat of Seche Vite top-coat. :)

Please don't forget to check out all the other bloggers manis as well! :)

Flip/Flop February Fay 20: Flowers/V-Gap

Hi lovelies! Time for Flip/Flop February Day 20!

This days Flip/Flop was Flowers/V-Gap!
I'm not big on floral print myself, and I already did some flowers in this challenge, so I decided to give V-Gap a shot.

Now I'm not gonna lie, I have to google what V-Gap was LOL. I don't know how why I've never seen this style before, but I had no clue it existed. I like it, it's a cool new style. I'm not completely in love with it, but I could see myself wearing this again.

There are a few different ways to do V-gap, I went with a technique that I saw on a YouTube tutorial, and painted the base color and then used a striping brush to paint the shape in the center.

For the base color I used Rimmel 60 Second Dry - Climax and for the v-gap shape I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Rockstar Pink. Then I sealed with a coat of Seche Vite top-coat. :)

Don't forget to check out the other bloggers manis! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Explanation Time! Blaaah!

Blaaargh! Ok I'm two days behind on the Flip/Flop February challenge island here's why: yesterday, my iPod Touch had a spaz attack. I lost pretty much everything, and I had a breakdown LOL.

I've talked about this before, but for those of you who don't know, my iPod is basically my computer. I use the family computer when I have to (I live with my family still) but its about a thousand years old and slow as a snail. LOL. It's pretty frustrating to use, so everything that I do online, I do on my iPod. All my photos, videos, files, data, everything is on my iPod. I will of course back up my super important files and put them either in my DropBox or transfer them onto my external USB, but I only do that once every few months, or just basically whenever I need to (like when I clean it out to make extra room, etc.)

I've had my iPod for a little over two years now, and as Apple product owners know, there are system updates on regular intervals, and it's highly recommended that you back up all of your files before you install them., just in case anything would happen. I always did that, every single update for the past two years. I never had any problems or anything happen, not even once. But still, I figured better safe than sorry and continued to do it every time. Except this time.
The ONE and ONLY time that I didn't do it, it happens. Just my luck.

It was late at night, I had had the newest system update sitting in my settings for two days because I hadn't gotten around to installing it yet. I looked at it, saw that it was only 73mb. and figured, oh I'll just set it up and have it install overnight while I sleep so it'll be ready in the morning. It's small, I won't have to back-up EVERYTHING for one tiny update, I told myself. Nothing will happen, it never does, I told myself.

WHY DID I LISTEN TO MYSELF. I clicked the button, agreed to the terms and conditions, and it started to verify the update. Then it happened. The screen went black, and up popped the screen iPod/iPhone owners never want to see, the recovery mode screen. I tried everything I could possibly think of, but it wouldn't turn back on. Even though it was after 3am and I was exhausted, I went up and plugged it into iTunes. iTunes told me I had to restore the iPod to factory settings. Which, of course, wipes the iPod clean. Ugh.
I unplugged it and decided to go to bed and hope that a miracle would happen overnight and it would turn back on, or maybe it would all just be a bad dream LOL. But I was pretty much in denial because at that point I pretty much knew I had to just kiss all my files goodbye.

The next day I tried everything again, and nothing. I googled how to get iPods out of recovery modes, watched tutorials of YouTube, none of them worked for me. Of course, the biggest one that seems like it works for people, involves using the home button. My home button has been broken for a year, I use the assistive touch (where the little drag-and-drop button come up on screen and functions as your home button.)
I connected to Apple Tech support, and the guy told me I had pretty much no choice but to restore. Although I have to say, the tech support guy I got connected to was actually very friendly and helpful for once. I don't have a very good history with Apple tech support, I always seem to get either a rude grumpy person, or someone who doesn't speak English very well and we end up with a huge language barrier and they can't understand me when I try to explain my problem LOL. So that was refreshing.

Anyhow, the tech support guy walked me me though the restore, and gave me links to some articles showing me how to restore my backed up files through iCloud.

That brought me to my new problem. I hadn't backed up using iCloud in over a year. Like I said, when I backed up my pictures and files I always put the on my USB Drive or into my DropBox.

So long story short, I lost everything, all the way up to over a year ago. I am happy that I got some of my stuff back at least and didn't have to be completely wiped clean, but I still lost ALOT. Including all the pictures for this challenge, and my whole night the night before painting for two hours so that I would be a few days ahead.

Luckily, all of my super important files were already backed up on my Dropbox etc., but I hadn't backed the rest of my stuff in about two months. Two months worth of files, pictures, videos, save data, goooone.

My lesson is learned, and I'm telling you, please learn from my mistake, BACK UP YOUR FILES. All the time, on a regular basis. And before ANY update no matter how small it is or how many you've done without an issue. It CAN happen.

I never wanted to have to restore, I've even gotten the infamous "white screen of DEATH" (yeah that was real comforting to hear when I googled the problem LOL) before, and even then I was able to get it back without restoring. But the one and only time that I decide not to back up, it happens. Thanks, universe. :P LOL.

So, that's why I'm behind. But, I had some extra time today and I did my manis (all over again that I already did aaaaagghhh) and will be caught up tomorrow.

So I'm sorry everyone, and I'm sorry that this was so long and a little rant-y.
This was a frustrating past two days.

OH and side-note, let us have a moment of silence for LavaLand, my world in minecraft pocket-edition that was the best world I've ever built that had (among other things) an intricate mine that spread under the entire world that took me all of last summer to build. No, losing that wasn't as bad as losing my files and stuff, but it still hurt LMAO. LavaLand 2.0 is underway. xD

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flip/Flop February Day 19: Wings/Outline. (Gamer Girl Nails!)

Hello lovelies!! :) it's time for Day 19 of the Flip/Flop February Challenge!

Today's Flip/Flop was Wings/Outline, and since I recently did some butterfly wing art before the start of this challenge, I decided to go with the flop and do outline!

I wanted to get creative with it and not just do a boring old two-tone mani, so I thought about and came up with something really fun! What do I think of when I think of outlines? Well, as sone of you may or may not know, I'm a nerdy gamer girl, so when I think outlines, the first thing that came into my mind where the buttons on my favorite console... Playstation! I've been a Playstation gamer since the PS1 came out all those years ago. Last year my sister and I split the cost and bought a PS3 together.

So I made the buttons!! :D these are sooo geeky and fun and I love them. They didn't come out perfect, but it makes me want to just button mash my pinky and upper-cut everyone!! Mwahaha.

For this mani I used a base color of Sally Hansen - Graphite Gravity, and for the buttons (L to R) I used:
Ulta - In The Lime-Light
ELF - Fab Fuchsia
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - The Real Teal
N.Y.C. - Big Apple Red
Then for the PS logo I used Sinful Colors - Snow Me White and sealed it all off with a coat of Seche Vite top-coat! :)

And hey! Press that ring finger and JUMP on over and check out the other bloggers! (I'm dork, I know. Sorry I'm not sorry! :p) :

ALSO!! A lovely follower of mine named Jaimie from A Ginger's Nail saw that I was hinting about my PS nails on my Facebook fan page, (I was too excited, I couldn't wait! xD) and she made these AMAZING X-Box nails so we could thumb wrestle. LOL.
So GAME ON!! Go check it out, her blog is great! :)

Here's a link to her nails:

My Weekend Project! :)

So this weekend, I started a little project. And that project is: getting my workspace organized!

The weekend before last, I put up my old desk to use as a workspace. This weekend, I hung up some shelves on my wall to organize my polish and supplies.

Obviously, it's not totally organized yet (as you can tell from the pictures LOL) but it's a whole lot better than having them all jumbled up in a big make-up box like I did.

I'll post pictures as the organization comes along, I have a few more ideas for making it all pretty and organized! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Flip/Flop February Day 18: Galaxy/Rhinestones!

Hello there lovies! It's Day 18 of Flip/Flop February! :)

Today's Flip/Flop was Galaxy/Rhinestones, and I chose the flip! :)
I've never actually done galaxy nails before, but I've always looveddd the look of them and have wanted to try them.

So for my galaxy I started off with a base color of Sally Hansen - Graphite Gravity, then I sponged on N.Y.C. Black Lace Creme. I thought it gave it a neat little metallic/black base for my galaxy.
Next, for my cosmos I sponged on Sephora by OPI - Just A Little Dangerous,
S-Age Is Just A Number, and I Think I Cayenne.
Then I dotted on a few stars using Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, then topped it off with a coat of Sephora by OPI - Meet Me At The Disco.
I really liked the addition of the holo glitter, I think it gave it a really cool starry look. :)

As always, please make sure to go check out all the other bloggers creations as well! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Seche Vite top-coat!

Hello lovies!! Today, I'm sharing with you this amaaaazing present I got! :)
My sister Jess actually got me this for Valentine's Day, and I love it so much!!

Obviously, I've heard about Seche Vite before. I've heard all the hype and rave about how it's the best top-coat and so worth the extra money, and sorry, but this post won't be any different! ;)

It definitely lives up to all that hype, I've used it on three manis now, and it's soo good! It seals amazingly, it dries everything soo fast, and the shine and look it gives the polish is gorgeous.
I've been wearing it with a mani for three days now, and it's still just as shiny as when I first applied it, no chipping at all, and only a very very small amount of tip-wear!

I think I've found my new favorite top-coat here! So thank you to my sister!! :D <3