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Friday, February 15, 2013

Flip/Flop February Day 14: Valentine's Day/French Manicure!

Hi again! Do, I'm late. Again. I'm sorry. LOL. But it's time for Flip/Flop February Day 14: Valentine's Edition!

So I completely blanked on posting this yesterday, I'm so sorry, and today's post won't be up until tomorrow along with tomorrows post, so I'm sorry about that too. I'm a fail lol.

But anyways, the Valentine's Day Flip/Flop was Valentine's Day/French Manicure.
I had every intention of doing both and having two different manis for this post, but as you can tell time kind of got away from me LOL. So only one mani today unfortunately, and that is the Flip.

For my Valentine's Day themed mani I decided to do a classic Valentine's candy: Conversation Hearts!
These were actually not terrible up until my dreadful handwriting ruined them. Poo. I guess I should've used a stamper like most people do, but I don't have one with words on it haha.

So to clear up what they say incase you can't decode my chicken-scratch
(I don't blame you), starting at the index finger they say:
Be Mine
Kiss Me
I <3 You
Hug Me
And of course, because I was celebrating Single's Awareness Day this year, (coughAGAINcoughcough) I just had to include one of those little passive aggressive hearts, so my thumb says,

I wanted them to be matte, but I had no matte top-coat, nor any cornstarch. So I decided to try something I've been wanting to try for awhile, the turning old eyeshadow into nail polish trick! :)
It really does work, and it really make them matte! I will be doing this again in the future for sure.

The eyeshadow I used may or may not be an ancient old palette from when I was a really little kid back way in the 90's/early 2000's that has been sitting in my make-up box untouched since I was 6... LOL.
Uhm, yeah. I started going through my older make-up trying to decide what to use and found this old fossil. I couldn't even believe that I still had it LOL. It's one of those little "my first make-up" type things, I remember being like 6 and sitting at my little tykes vanity and slapping this stuff on along with my lip smackers, then going out with my 101 Dalmatians purse and feeling like such a grown-up woman. xD
It's apparently called the "Petite Miss Designer Collection" palette.

I'm not very smart and forgot to take pictures before I destroyed it, but it wasn't very pretty beforehand either, it was a toddlers make-up after all. :p

To show which powders I used, I marked the photo. To be cutesy since this is a Valentines Day theme, I marked them with little hearts. You're welcome. :p
I actually used the blush for the pink, and it worked pretty well. It came out a tiny bit thicker than the others that I did with the eyeshadows, but it was still usable.

To do this, I scraped off some pigments of eyeshadow, crushed it up as smooth as possible (I just used a cuticle pusher stick and my finger) then dropped in a few drops of clear nail polish. Then I used a medium-sized brush to mix it and paint it on my nail, and voila!

Then I went and wrote on it in my scribbles and messed it all up. LOL.
The color I used for the writing is ELF - Fab Fuchsia.

So that's my Valentines day mani! I don't know how to feel about this one. It was a win until I failed all over it with my writing LOL.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with love! Or a wonderful Singles Awareness Day filled with pizza and Netflix, like me. :P

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