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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flip/Flop February Day 5: 3D/Decals!

Helloooo! :) time for Flip/Flop February Day 5!

Today's Flip/Flop is 3D/Decals. I guess you could say I sort of did a mixture of both? What I did was make DIY decals out of 3D textured polish! :)

For idea of doing crackle hearts, i was actually inspired by this photo i saw on Pinterest:
So credit to the artist for my inspiration! :)

I decided to combine the idea of crackle hearts and decals, so I made crackle heart shaped decals!! :D
If you're interested in how I make the DIY decals, I actually did a tutorial on for a guest post I did back in August of last year for Tall Girl With Pretty Painted Nails. So if you'd like to see the process of how I make them, you can find the tutorial here:

To make them crackle, I did the whole process the same way, but for my base coat I used the same pink that I painted my nails with, then let that dry and did a coat of the crackle over it. Easy peasy lemon squeezey! ;)

I really love the way they turned out, they almost look like zebra stripes! (And you know me and zebra stripes!! ;D)

Then, just for the fun of it, on my opposite thumb (on my right hand) I did a little free-hand crackle heart. Obviously it didn't come out as good as the decals, but I still liked it! :)

The color I used were:
E.L.F. - Fab Fuchsia
China Glaze - Black Crackle

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