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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Zoya - Happi Swatch!

Hello lovelies!
So when I did the Zoya "Try 3 Free" promo, this was the second one I got! :)

Happi is an absolutely gorgeous, almost duo-chrome, sheer polish. It's so pretty, and has a really good formula. It's opaque in 2 coats, (though I did 3, because I'm OCD about coverage LOL) normal drying time, no streaking at all, and has a really nice, shiny finish. :)

The color is a beautiful coral/pink, and what I didn't realize just from the bottle is that in certain lighting, it has a bit of green in the shimmer! Pink + Green is one of my favorite color combos so I looved discovering that!

Below the swatch of this beauty, I added Zoya - Opal on top of it. I reeeeaaaaallllly love this polish combo! Not only does it make them sparkly, but the blue-green color of opal really brings out the green shimmer of Happi! :)

Love this polish by itself, and paired with opal! Perfect for warm weather! (Which needs to hurry up and get here already! :p)

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