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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nail Mail! - Zoya Try 3 Free Promo!

So technically, this Nail Mail came yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to write up a post. So I'm a little late, sorry! :p

But I got my first Zoya polishes yesterday! I've seen Zoyas all over and heard how awesome they are, but up until now I never actually ordered from them.
But last week when they had their annual beginning of the year promotion, I finally ordered!
For those of you who missed it, the promotion was their Try 3 Free Promo, where you could pick any 3 polishes (excluding the 2013 collections) and apply the code "ZOYA2013" and it took off the price of the whole order! All you have to pay is the $10 shipping. So at $8 a piece, you're saving $24 dollars! If you do the math, since each polish is $8, it's pretty much like buy one get two free, $2 shipping! Awesome deal! :)

Oh and by the way, can I just say how cute it is that they come in an adorable tiny little box that fits all three?! Too cute! <3

So for my 3 polishes, I got Mitzi, Happi, and Opal!

Mitzi is from the Matte Velvet collection, it's an awesome Lime Green matte polish.
I really wanted to get one of the mattes, and I decided on this one. Well, technically Zoya decided for me because I was going back and forth between Mitzi and Phoebe (the blue matte from the collection) but Phoebe was sold out. So it was an easy choice. ;) LOL

Happi is a beautiful pink/coral duochrome sheer polish!
I was actually browsing around online looking at swatches of different Zoya polishes trying to decide on my 3rd polish, and I came across this color and fell in love with it! It's so pretty and pink and coral, and oh my gosh that shimmer!! This is so perfect for spring and summer, it makes me want warm weather even more than I already do.

And finally, Opal is green/blue fleck effect top-coat.
I actually first fell in love with the fleck effect collection when I saw swatches of them all over Pinterest, and I've wanted them ever since!
I was going back and forth between Opal and Maisie (the blue fleck effect) but I decided on Opal. Opal was the one I originally wanted, but I felt like since I was already getting another green, maybe I should've gotten the blue one (Maisie) but I decided to go with my gut and get Opal. I looked at swatches of both, and it seems like with Maisie it's harder to see the effect unless its over another blue, but with Opal you can see it easily. And in the end I'm glad I decided on Opal, because when it came I realized it has a blue/green duochrome to it anyway! So happy customer here! :)

So that's what I got! Swatches to come on all three of these! ;)

Did you guys do the Zoya promo? Let me know which ones you got in the comments! :)

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