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Monday, January 14, 2013

Swatch Time! - Sephora by OPI Tinseltown Collection

So today is the first of a 5-day swatch series I'm going to be doing this week to swatch the Sephora by OPI Tinseltown Collection. Why so long, you ask? Well because there are soo many polishes in this collection! 17 altogether to be exact! I'll be doing 4 each day, with the big reveal of the full-sized polish swatch on the last day.

I'll also be starting off the posts with a collage of the whole collection, and I got that wonderful idea from awesome Jillian over at

My sister got me the entire collection of minis for Christmas, and I love it sooo much! So thank you Jess! :)

Now, without further ado, here are the first four of the collection!

The first is a gooorgeous coral color that i am absolutely in love with called "I'm Wired." The name fits me so well too.(hello, insomniac/coffee addict here. I'm always wired in one way or another :p)
It's soo pretty! It's more of a creme than anything else, but I think it just crosses the line over to a crelly(creme/jelly) with its formula. It takes quite a few coats to get completely opaque, but it dries very quickly and is well worth it for the beautiful color you end up with.

Next up is "Already Famous." A gorgeous gold shimmer/foil. It's packed with shimmer, so not only are you sparkling in gold, but shimmering too! I'd describe the color as a Champagne, I actually used this in my New Years Eve Challenge Champagne Mani!

Next is "A True Romantic." And can I just say, I've been searching for a color like this for soooo long! It's the perfect nude/lightest light pink I've ever come across. Like "I'm Wired," it does take quite a few coats for true opaqueness, and has a little bit of a jelly consistency to the formula, but I would still describe it overall as a sheer. It doesn't dry quite a fast as the others in this collection, but no longer than some of the other OPI polishes of the same type of formula. And again, it's well worth the wait time, the results are fantastic! Once my mini runs dry, I will definitely being looking for this one in a full-size if they make it! :)

And finally, "What Aura Gonna Wear?" Is a beautiful, true hot pink. I like the name because it reminds me of Aurora, A.K.A. sleeping Beauty, and this pink is pretty much the perfect representation of her pink dress from the Disney movie! :D I'm a geek, sorry, but I couldn't help but notice. :p
Anyways, geekiness aside, this polish is beautiful, has a great formula, opaque within 3 coats, and a great drying time.
And what girl/polish addict can resist that perfect, princess Barbie pink?! ;)

So that's the first four from the collection! Check back tomorrow for the next four! :)


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    1. Thanks girl! <3 and thanks for that idea, I would've never come up with that on my own hahaha :p