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Saturday, January 12, 2013

My First Blogger Post!

Hi everyone!! My name's Katie, and this is my first post to Blogger!
I've had a nail blog on Tumblr since last spring, and I've just now decided to switch to Blogger as my main blog because I've heard from other bloggers that it's a much better platform to use for your main page. So here I am! :D

My tumblr blog is
Which is why my URL here is nailsbykatieee, even though my official blog name is Kate Kreates.
This is because I wanted to make a new name rather than just Nails By Katie, but I wanted to make it easier on my followers I already have to be able to find me once I made the platform switch. So for the time being, my URL will stay the same, then once I get more established on here I'll switch officially to Kate Kreates.

So this was my first post!

Also, a little mini announcement, starting on Monday, I will be doing a little swatching project, which will be split up into about a week's worth of posts. (There's ALOT of swatches, I'm swatching a GIANT collection! :D) so stick around to see that! :)