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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Nail Mail & Adventures in Stamping!

Hello lovelies! This post is actually quite late, this is a package that my cousin sent me for my birthday... in June. whoops! LOL. 

Anyways, today I'm going to show you all the awesome fun stuff that my cousin Sarah sent me for my birthday! :) 


Here's everything all-together! I love that Love Park postcard! (I'm a Philadelphia girl, if you didn't know! ;) ) 

There's black and white Konad stamping polishes! (I realized I forgot to take a picture of them by themselves.)

She sent me a TON of awesome stamping goodies! I've actually had any stamping tools before, so this was definitely fun to get all this. 

Her sweet little note on the back of the postcard! :) 

So first, there was a box of Wistonia Store stamping plates, 20 image plates with 139 designs!! :O

Look at all of those!!! 

She also sent a Konad stamping plate, with cute animal print and other designs on it! :) 

And this pretty little pink stamper and scraper! 

And a roll of striping tape! 
Can I just say how much it made me laugh that the tape introduced itself to me? That made me giggle when I was opening the package! Haha! :p 

So thank you Sarah for all of this!! :D 

And now, for my adventures in stamping using all of these goodies! ;) 

Here's the first design I tried, I used a base of Sephora by OPI - Read My Palm and OPI - Pink Yet Lavender on my ring finger. Then I used the white Konad stamping polish and did some little flowery stars, and a little Panda bear! I obviously I was not too good at it yet haha! My pointer finger wasn't too bad, my pinky was terrible and my panda was a tad wonky. LOL :p 

For this one I used a white polish (I totally don't remember which one, FAIL lol, sorry!) for a simple French, and then used the black Konad stamping polish to do a few little pretty flowery designs, which actually weren't too bad looking, but completely smeared because I put the top coat on too quick. :( 
And then I used OPI - Flashbulb Fuchsia for a little butterfly, and then I put Pixel - Pixel Dust over top and a coat of Seche Vite.  

So that's my adventure in stamping so far! I actually had done a black and white mani with some stars, but I forgot to get a good picture before it chipped. Boo. LOL :p 

Have an awesome day everyone!! <3 
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  1. Happy belated birthday. :) Stamping gets easier as you practice. I kept getting discouraged when I first started. There's many main pics I never posted. :-p I love that little panda, isn't he too cute? :) I think there's an owl too, right? Now I forget, I have to go look at mine.

    1. Haha I know, I kept getting discouraged too. It does look really awesome when it works though! I'll have to keep practicing and get better. :)

      And yes, he's adorable hehe! I think I remember seeing an owl, you'll have to do one with him. ;)