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Monday, July 15, 2013

Comic-Con Geek Week, Day 1!

Hey lovelies!!

So today is the beginning of a super-duper fun week! I'm participating in a nail art challenge! I'm super excited, I have done a challenge in a while, and this one is so awesome and fun! :) 

It's Geek Week!! The Comic-Con themed challenge that's being hosted by the awesome Kelly from Peace Love Lacquer

So todays theme was inspired by a book, or a video game. 

We all know I'm a geeky gamer girl, so of course I went with video game! :D 

There were sooo many ideas I had for this one, too many good games too little fingernails LOL! But I decided to go with my absolute favorite game of the moment, the one I'm completely obsessed with and play 24/7/365... 
You guessed it, MINECRAFT!! 

Woooo!! I love these so much it kind of makes me want to cry nerd-tears. 
(In case you didn't know what nerd tears are! ;D)

I'm not a huge fan of how my zombie nail came out, but I'm super proud of Creeper nail and my Steve nail! I don't think my dirt block nail came out too shabby either. LOL! ;D

What do you guys think?! Let me know!!

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  1. Love it! Can you eml me, I have a question about the challenge. Thanks! LeslieLovesNails at gmail.