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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wet'N'Wild "Drinking A Glass of Shine" Eyeshadow Palette!

Hi lovies! Today I have something a little different for you, today's post isn't about nails! *gasp!* LOL
Today I thought I'd show you guys something else I love, make-up!

So what I'm going to be showing today is the Wet'N'Wild "Drinking A Glass Of Shine" eyeshadow palette. :)
This palette is soo pretty, the colors are definitely me!
I actually got this palette as a Christmas gift from my cousin Sarah, you may remember I showed it in
this post .

This palette had two different sides, a bright colored side, and a natural/smoky side. You could mix and match different colors, but for this post I did it the way the palette shows you.

Other than the palette, I also used ELF Eye Primer, CoverGirl Perfect-Blend eyeliner in black, CoverGirl LashBlast mascara in black, and some Eco-Tools shadow brushes.

So here's the pretty palette:

Look at those colors! Loooooook!:

Here I swatched the colors on my hand to see how they looked on my skin:

The really cool thing that I love about this is that the brush is double-sided! One side is a sponge, and the other side is an angled brush, which works amaaaazingly for doing your crease! :)
(p.s. there's make-up already on it because I had a herp-a-derp moment and forgot to take pictures of it before I started. Oops. Sorry about that. LOL :p)

The sponge tip:

The angled brush:

So I did the teal/blue/purple look first. I decided since the colors of this one were so bright, to only line my water-line/inner-lids with the eyeliner. started by using the sponge side to put the teal color on my lid, then I used the angled brush to put the blue color on my crease. Then I used one of my Eco-Tools shadow brushes to add some of the purple to my outer corner, and very lightly on my lower lid. Then I used another Eco-Tools brush to add the white highlight to my browbone and to highlight my inner-corner, then blended it all together. I also added just a teensy bit of the highlight color over-top of the purple on my lower lid to lighten it up and make it not so obvious.

And here's how it came out:

(This one's a bit blurry, sorry, but you can really see the purple in it.):

So then I did the natural/smoky side. I lined both my water-line with and a thin line on my upper-lid for this one. I also cheated a little bit with this one, because the tan shade for the lid was a tad but too dark for my skin, so I blended just a tiny bit of the brown, and some of the highlight color to lighten it up. Then I followed the same steps as I did before: angled brush to add the dark brown to my crease, Eco-Tools brush to add the black to my inner-corner. I actually went just a little bit into the very beginning of my crease with the black, and blended it out to give it a more smoky look. Then I cheated again and used the white highlight color from the other side of the palette because the other one wasn't shimmery enough for me. LOL :)

This was actually more dark and smoky in person, but you can at least see the way everything blends together.

So that's the palette! I really love it, I can't wait to play around with it and mix and match the colors! :)

What do you guys think? Also, did you like having a make-up post from me instead just all nails all the time? Let me know, because if you guys like it maybe ill do it more often! :)
Not to worry though, the nails aren't going anywhere! ;)

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