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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sugar Spun Video Tutorial! :)

Hello again my lovies!! I have something special for you today, I've been working on this all weekend, and it is...

Another video tutorial!!

In this tutorial I show you guys how to do one of my absolute favorite techniques, Sugar-Spun!

So enjoy! I hope it helps you, let me know in the comments!
Also, make sure to leave any questions or feedback, or requests for more tutorials you might have down in the comments as well! :)

The Sugar-Spun Without Top-Coat:

And With Top-Coat:

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  1. I definitely like the way it looks without the top coat. :)

    1. Me too. :)
      I usually don't add top-coat when I do sugar-spun unless I want it to last really long, I just thought I'd show the difference it makes though. :)