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Monday, May 27, 2013

Quick and Simple Nail Art Tip! (Short Tutorial Video!)

Hi lovelies! 

So I had something a little different than this in mind for today's post, but as usual my editing program is being a pain in the acetone LOL. 

So, while I'm working out the kinks on that one, (it should be up sometime in the next two days, *knock on wood!*) I made a quick little tutorial video, to show you guys one of my little tricks that I use to save myself the effort of trying to clean my make-up sponges, after using them for nail art. 
I get alot more use out of one sponge when I use this trick, and save myself from having to buy them all the time! :) 

So here's my tutorial on how to do it!:

If the embed doesn't work for you, you can click this link to view it on my YouTube page

So that's my little tip! Hopefully it helps some of you out!

Let me know, what are some of your favorite nail/make-up tips and tricks? Write them down in the comments! :)  

Love you guys, and I hope you're all having a fun Memorial Day Weekend! <3
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