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Monday, July 4, 2016

Swatch-Time!: KleanColors Neon Collection!

Hello Lovelies! Sorry this post is a bit late, I actually had this scheduled to post this morning, however Blogger decided to glitchy-glitch on me, and thanks to some technical difficulties, I lost this entire post. I had work this morning and didn't have time to re-do it until now sooo, yay for night-time blogging? LOL :p 

ANYWHO! I have a super fun post for you guys! 
Today, I have a swatch-time post! I'm gonna be showing you guys the KleanColors Neon Collection! 

The KleanColors Neon Collection includes 9 polishes, Neon Fuchsia, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Lime, Neon Green, Neon Aqua, Neon Sapphire, Neon Purple, and Neon Pink.

Neon Fuchsia
Neon Fuchsia is...Honestly more of a Neon Red in my opinion. It is super bright, super pigmented, and super pretty! 
This is two coats with no top-coat. Thats something I love about this collection, and most KleanColors in general, they dry with a shiny finish even without top-coat.

Neon Orange
Neon orange is another super pigmented one. This shade of orange reminds me of the Flyers orange. (where my Philly reader at? ;D <3)
Two coats, no top-coat.

Neon Yellow
Neon Yellow is again, super pigmented. 
I would venture to stay this is almost a dupe for Zoya Darcy.
Two coats, no top-coat.

Neon Lime
Neon Lime is by far my favorite in this collection. It is slightly less pigmented than the rest, I would definitely recommend a white base-coat. It is such a pretty color for summer though. 
This is four coats, no top-coat.

Neon Green
Neon Green is neat, I feel, because it's almost a neon version of a forrest green. It's not the typical green you usually see in neon collections. 
Again super pigmented.
This is two coats, no top-coat.

Neon Aqua
Neon Aqua is right up my alley. I definitely feel this a more powder/baby blue shade, but neon. 
Two coats, no top-coat.

Neon Sapphire
Neon Sapphire is another shade I think was really neat to include in a neon collection. It's almost like a neon navy blue. This one is a bit less pigmented, I did two coats no top-coat, but looking back I wish I had done three just to show it's full opaque color. 
Maybe this one calls for a re-swatch later on?

Neon Purple
Neon Purple is easily my second favorite in the collection. I love it because it's the only shade in this collection that has a hint of shimmer to it, and that just adds to the prettiness. Also anything jewely-orchid-toned purple is always a win for me.
Two coats, no top-coat.

Neon Pink
Neon Pink is just what it promises, super neon hot pink. 
If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that anything hot pink automatically wins my heart. I actually have this on my toes as I type this. ;)
Two coats, no top-coat.

So that's the Neon Collection! 
What's your favorite shade of this one? Let me know in the comments! :) 

Have a great rest of your day, and a Happy Independence Day to my American readers! 

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