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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette: Make-Up Swatch-Time!

Hello Lovelies! <3
I am SO unbelievably excited for todays post!!
Let me preface with; Palettes are not typically my thing. They just don't usually interest me.
But, every now and again, there will be one that comes out that just grabs my heart from the moment I lay eyes on it. This is one of those times. I saw the colors in this palette, and immediately fell in love and had to have it. And my awesome big sisters decided to get it for me for my birthday!

So today, I will be showcasing the absolute beauty that is the Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass palette!
This palette is the sequel to their Alice In Wonderland palette, in conjunction with the new Disney live-action remakes. (Johnny Depp! *swoon*)

The first Alice palette didn't grab my attention much, although it was very well-recieved. The colors just weren't me. But the second I saw the sequel palette, bestill my heart! I first saw it when Bunny, AKA Grav3YardGirl, swatched them on her YouTube. Cake, Heads Will Roll, and Time all grabbed my attention immediately. I needed to have it, if only for those 3 colors, they were nothing like I'd ever had in my collection before. Little did I know, the rest of the colors would surprise me even more in person.
So let's get down to it!

First of all, the packaging is absolutely adorable.

Right out of the box, the top opens up into a little framed mirror, and a gorgeous pop-up 3D butterfly!
Underneath the butterfly, is a little pull-out drawer which houses the actual palette, and a double-ended brush.

It also has a bunch of cute little Alice In Wonderland quotes all over!

The part which opens up into the butterfly effect. 
I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.

The cutesey little framed mirror. (I also loved the clocks/time travel design inside this part!)
We're all mad here. 

The drawer which pulls out into the palette.
I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I must have changed several times since then. 
(side note: how perfect is that quote for a make-up palette? ;p)

It is just too adorable! And the butterfly effect is super pretty!! 

 This palette includes 20 (yes, TWENTY) beautiful shades. And man, I wish so badly that cameras were capable of picking things up as well as they look in person. Every shade in this palette is GORGEOUS once you get it in the sun. Especially Lily. But I'm getting ahead of myself here. 

The colors are sectioned off into four shades for each of the five main characters of the new movie; 
Alice, The Mad Hatter, Mirana, Iracebeth, and Time. 

So I figured I'll show you the swatches that way! First, I'll be showing you the Alice shades.

Note that for all of these swatches, I tried to show the full spectrum of the color. So I did a quick swatch on my arm, then I did just a light dusting of the shade on the inner lid, going more product and darker as a got to the crease/corner, so that I could showcase how well some of the shades buildup. 

Now let's get right down to the pretties! 


The Alice shades include Looking Glass, Reflection, Dormouse, and Metamorphosis.  

Looking Glass
Looking Glass is nice white-pink shimmer. I really love this one for a base or transition shade.

Reflection is an almost-matte-with-just-a-hint-of-shimmer peachy beige. It has just a slight pink hue to it. (a lot of the shades in this palette do, which I love.) Again, this one is great for a base or transition shade.

Dormouse is a matte, orangey soft brown color. I really love orange-browns, (despite my cool complexion, ya'll can't tell me what to do :p) So I really love this one. This is the type of shade I would use as my crease color in a day-to-day look. Also, the Dormouse is my favorite character in AIW. 
Twinkle, twinkle, little bat, how I wonder what you're at...

Metamorphosis is a slightly-metallic periwinkle shade. It reminds me of Alice's dress. As you can see, You do have to build this one up quite a bit to get the full color, and it does darken a bit from swatch to lid. This one I feel is great for an accent color.

Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter shades include Hatter, Gone Mad, Paradox, and Cake. 

Hatter is a another almost-matte, with just a hint of shimmer. I was surprised how much I loved this one, it's super pretty and as you can see it's pretty full-coverage. The green color almost makes me think of Tinkerbell. Different movie, I know. ;P 

Gone Mad
Gone Mad is another slight-metallic, deep purple shade. I think they matched pretty on-point with the Mad Hatter's purple. This one does require a bit of build-up, but I think it's super pretty even if you don't, it still has that nice deep purple to it, just softer when you build it up less. This is definitely a great fall color.

Paradox is a bold, metallic orange, and another one that super surprised me. In the palette and first swatch, it looks like it's just a slightly orange shimmer, but when you build it up (as seen in the crease) the color really pops. 

As I said above, Cake is one of the 3 shades I specifically wanted this palette for, and it did not disappoint.
Cake is another almost-metallic, fuchsia pink. I am 100% in love with shade. It's just soft enough to wear as a pop of color day-to-day, but can also work with bolder looks. It pairs with so many different shades so well. 
This is definitely my favorite shade in this palette. If I could live inside an eyeshadow, it would be this.
The cake is not a lie. ;P


The Mirana shades include Lily, Duchess, Kingdom, and Chessboard.

Lily is the one that surprised me the most in this palette. At first glance, it looks like another white-pink shimmer. Until you get it in sunlight, when you see it actually has a iridescent, a lost holographic, pink shift to it. 
It is so so so gorgeous in person, and I hate that it's almost impossible to pick up on camera. These swatches do not do it justice.
It pairs really well as a base/transition with Cake, because it reflects the pink and makes that iridescence pop even more. 

Duchess is a metallic, golden-beige. At first glance I thought it was going to be another really warm shade, but once it's on the lid it's definitely a lot softer. I really love this one as a day-to-day base color.

Kingdom is a super pretty metallic chocolatey brown. It's really pigmented, and the shimmer really shows up with this one. This one is definitely great for a crease/transition shade.

Chessboard is another matte, slightly orangey brown. It's slightly darker than Dormouse, and they work well together for a nice matte look.
 I lovelovelove the browns in this palette, and they all pair together really well. I love the fact that there are mattes and metallics/shimmer to choose from, so you can mix and match. They all work really great for day-to-day shades.


The Iracebeth shades include Heads Will Roll, Bandersnatch, Salazen Grum, and Royal Flush.

Heads Will Roll
Heads Will Roll is another of the shades that immediately won my heart when I first saw this palette. 
It's a super gorgeous matte with slight shimmer, Aqua/Turquoise-y color. My sister said it reminded her of a Tiffany's box, which I definitely agree with. This is another one of the 3 that made me really want this palette.
As you can see you do need to build it up just a little bit, but I feel that works best for this such it's such a bright pigmented blue, it allows you to work with it a lot better. 
If you're going for that really bold color though, I would recommend using a wet brush for it.

Bandersnatch is a smokey, matte navy gray-blue. 
I will say that pigment-wise, this is the only shade in the palette that leaves a bit to be desired.  
You definitely do have to build it up, the most of all the colors I would say. 
But that said, it does work really great for a crease shade if you're want a smokey eye. 

Salazen Grum
Salazen Grum is a super metallic orangey-red. This one surprised me a lot as well. 
It is so pigmented, and sooo shimmery. I blurred the lid swatch a bit so you could really see all the sparkles. It's super pretty, the Red Queen would be proud. 

Royal Flush
Royal Flush is a super pigmented metallic white shimmer. 
I am in love with this shade as a highlight. I have used it as highlight in literally every look I have done with this palette so far. 
It's so pigmented, that one swipe is just enough shimmer for a day-to-day highlighter, but like Cake the more you build it up the bolder it can be. 
My other sister audible gasped when she swatched this one, and I've been using this shade legit every day since I got this palette. 10 outta 10, UD. Hit it outta the park.


The Time Shades include Time, Dream On, Chronosphere, and Mirror.

Time is the 3rd shade that I saw that make me need this palette. 
It is a gorgeous metallic black shimmer, and the shimmer itself almost looks rainbow-y purple in the light. 
I will say that I was slightly disappointed that the shimmer doesn't transfer much to the lid, But it definitely is there, and you can still see that rainbow-y shift when it's in the sunlight. 
It is another builder-upper, but I prefer that in blacks because its so much more workable. 
This is another one that's great for a smokey eye, I feel like it even works well just on its own for a smokey look. 

Dream On
Dream On is a super metallic, super shimmery purple/pink shade.
You definitely do have to build it up, the first swipe is pretty much just all shimmer. But the more you work with it the more you get that nice, soft purple color. In my opinion This one works great as a base/highlight for Gone Mad.

Chronosphere is a metallic, slight orangey slight chocolatey brown. 
Again I will gush about how much I love the browns in this palette.  
This one is another gorgeous day-to-day color, but the more you build it up the darker it gets, so you could definitely use this as a smokier night-time shade as well.

The final shade in this collection, Mirror is a smokey metallic silver.
This one is super metallic on, I blurred the lid shot so you could see the shimmer.
It definitely swatches darker than it looks in the palette, so I think this one is another great smokey-eye shade. It pairs well as a base for Time.

I also thought I would share some of my favorite looks I've done using this palette so far! 
Immediately out of the box, I had to play with my 3 favorites. This is a base of Heads Will Roll
Time blended with Cake on the crease, and Royal Flush for highlight.

This is my basic everyday look I've been wearing, in this one I used Dormouse on the lid, Chessboard as a transition, Kingdom in the crease, and a Royal Flush highlight.

This was the look I wore the night of my actual birthday, this is Cake as a base, and Cake blended with Salazen Grum on the crease, I dusted a bit of Lily on top (I feel like this picture better showcases the pink shift and how it reflects) and Royal Flush as highlight. I felt "Cake" was pretty appropriate to wear on my birthday. ;)

This was the look I wore to birthday dinner and drinks with my girls, I was going for a bold sunset-y color on top, with a purple accent down bottom. I was pretty satisfied, my friend who is a make-up artist/cosmetologist-in-training was proud of me.
I used Cake as a base, Paradox with a touch of Lily as a transition, Salazen Grum blended with Cake in the crease, then for the purple down bottom I used Gone Mad, with a touch of Metamorphosis on the outer corner, and topped it off with Dream On overtop. And surprise, Royal Flush highlight. ;)

So there we have it!

I am so very much in love with this palette. It is ridiculously gorgeous, even down to the packaging.
You will definitely being seeing lots more of this palette on my instagram. ;)
What do you guys think? What's your favorite shade, or what are some fun color combinations you would try with it?

My comment challenge for the day iiiiisss...

What is your favorite Alice In Wonderland character and/or quote?
Mine is the Dormouse, with the Cheshire Cat running a close second.
My favorite quote is, "That's just the trouble with me. I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it."

Let me know in the comments! I will see you lovelies very soon, coming up next is a super pretty polish collection!

Have a Wonderland-ful day(see what I did there?) And a very merry Un-Birthday to you! ;) <3

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