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Monday, June 27, 2016

Getting Caught Up!

Hey lovelies!

It has been a good long while since I've posted! A lot has changed since then! I've moved, gotten a new job, and I've even gone blonde!!

 I'm going to try to start posting more frequently, I have a couple things queued back, plus some REALLY fun swatch posts coming up! I'm even going to be venturing further into make-up swatching! I have a polish collection, and possibly a few eyeshadow palettes coming up in the very near future for you dolls! ;)

I'm super excited, and I hope you are too!

So here's a few pictures over the past year or so that we've been apart. :)

These were from the first(and so far only) time I got nail art from someone other than myself!! #ThankYourNailTech ;D

#MyNailsAndMyDrink LOL

This is from the Avengers Age of Ultron premiere! I did not, however, wear the Captain America shield lipstick into the theater, I just stuck with red. ;)

Thus begins my adventures in doing my own acrylics! My nail tech taught me how (again, #ThankYourNailTech) and I bought some supplies. This was my first set!

Thanksgiving! #MyNailsAndMyPie ;D

NYC Aqua shimmery eyeliner!

Before I went blonde, I went full red!

Christmas Candy-Cane nails!

Getting that red out and going blonde was an...adventure. xD 

But we eventually ended up here! Platinum!

My most successful eyeliner wing to-date. 

Make-up and hair looks!

That should catch us up! :D

My comment challenge for you guys today, have a go at guessing the collection and/or palettes you think might be coming up! Even if your guesses are wrong, I may just take them as suggestions for future posts! ;)
I'll give you a hint on the palettes: They're both pretty big, popular hub-bub at the moment! (If you follow my instagram, you might already know!)

Can't wait to hear your thoughts and show you guys all the pretties! <3

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