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Friday, October 24, 2014

Mermaid Mani!

Hey lovelies!

Today I'm going to be showing you a mani I did a few weeks ago, But I thought I'd make a little post to show the process of how I did it. :)

It's Mermaid Mani Time!! 

So, I loved these nails. A lot. I kind of wish my fishtail pattern had turned out a teensy bit better but... Well, you know what they say. Flippin' your fins, ya don't get too far...
I digress. :p

First step to all nail art for me, my pretties!

 My M.A.S.H. Nail Art Brush Set!

Then I painted a nice simple, white base coat.
I used Konad's White Stamping Polish.
(on my DIY acrylics, because sadly my natural nails do not look this pretty right now.)

Then I went for the gradient & accent nail...

Lookit that mess! Aah, gradients. They give a whole new meaning to "finger painting" LOL.
For the gradient, I did the handy-dandy make-up sponge technique, 
& I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Celeb City
Sally Hansen Color Foil - Minted Metal,
& I Love Nail Polish - Washing Ashore
For the accent nail I used Zoya PixieDust- Dahlia

Now for that Mermaid fin...
For the final steps, I used Konad's Black Stamping Polish and my trusty ol' striping brush, and attempted a freehand fishtail pattern. I could do better, but I also could(and have...) done much much worse, so overall I was happy with it.
I topped it off with 2-coats of Zoya - Opal (3 over Dahlia on the accent nail) and Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Top Coat.

& there we have my Mermaid Mani!

My question of the day for you guys today is: What's your favorite mythical creature?

For me, it will always be mermaids. It started when I was three and busted my VHS tape rewinding and watching The Little Mermaid over and over (and over...) again, and continued all the way into adulthood when I discovered that they totally make mermaid tales and give you lessons on how use your core to swim like a mermaid and you can get paid to be a mermaid, and OMG guys I gotta go the ocean is calling me...
Seriously though. If and when scientists discover a way for us to breathe underwater, I am so peacin' outta society and heading for the Pacific. I need to be part of that world... :p

So do you guys have any mythical creatures you're obsessed with like me? Let me know in the comments!

& as always, have a great day, and I will see you next time my lovelies!!

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  1. Thanks!! I'm really excited to be able to do it again, I've missed it. :)