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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Coffee, Tattoos, and MacBooks, OH MY!

Hello my lovelies!

So today I thought I'd do a little catch-up post for you all.

First thing I want to share, back in September I decided to end my summer with a bang,
I got my first tattoo! :D

So, I have a lot of tattoos planned. Like, A LOT a lot. The only thing that worried me was the pain, But I have a pretty high pain threshold and it actually barely hurt at all. Which just reinforced all my plans for the rest of my tatts. :p 
For my first tatt, I decided that I would get a simple one to start me off. 
I'm actually gonna sound super cliche girl here but... I got this idea from Pinterest. LOL. Don't you judge me. I saw it on a few tattoo boards and fell in love. 

So what is it? 
A simple, black cross on the back of my neck. :)
& it came out like*drumroll please*...

 This! :)

& here's a pic to better show the size and placement...

I love it. Like, super-duper completely if I could marry a tattoo on my own skin I would marry this, love it. 
& I so cannot wait for my next one! ;) 

Next, I just wanted to share this because it is the new love of my life. 
I love coffee. I love tea. I love pretty things that I can drink coffee and tea out of. & I love mermaids.
I have found something that combines all of those things.

This is from the 2014 Siren Collection at Starbucks
Need I say more? Nope. I think this prettiness speaks for itself. 

Mooovin' on...

Another pretty big development, I finally made up my mind on a computer! 
I got myself a pretty little 13" refurbished MacBook. 
(& as you can see front the pic above, a ton of pretty accessories... whoops. I like to personalize, so sue me. Don't worry, all were totes affordable as I am a mean deal-hunter, especially when I have Amazon... :p)

So pretty! This is def my new baby. I am typing on it as we speak. 

And yes, of course it's zebra-stripes! ;)

That's all for now! 
My question of the day for you guys: Do you have/want any tattoos? If so, what and where? 
Sound off in the comments! :)

Have a great day, lovelies. See you next time!

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